Xing Neko + Can, Asile 404

7 janvier 2020

Session enregistrée le 29 décembre avec Xing, Hilal Can, Nora Neko Marseille by NNK, XXX

Noiseberg DAT Fest

9 octobre 2016

Sound, performance and installation art festival in Berlin, DAT has found its home in the Kesselhaus Museum, a former east-German hospital boilerhouse. Sextet with Xing, Casey Moir, Morihide Sawada, Michiyasu Furutani, Mathilde Domecq, Adam Goodwin, Video by Zara (DelF64.0) The DAT fest. Two days of experimental and performative concerts, in-situ installations of noise DJs and weird […]

ESOC European Tour – 09.2016

9 septembre 2016

Gravitation pendant cinq jours autour du Collectif ESOC (Berlin / Valencia), dans la lignée de leurs concerts performatifs. 09.09 @ Barlok, Bruxelles 10.09 @ Knoflook, S-HERTOGENBOSCH 11.09 @ 4bid Gallery, Amsterdam 13.09 @ Loophole, Berlin Extraits : Une idée de ce que ça donne Knoflook, Den Bosh

Egotrip #27 : An Eastern Tour…

24 juin 2016

Gathering shitty video and sound material, the idea of this picture, half documentary / half family movie, is to render how sounds and noise can be omnipresent in a musical trip, beyond concerts and rehearsals, stating for a certain way to listen to the world, like a philosophy, a way of life. Shot during the […]

Egotrip #27 : eastern tour

17 mars 2016

With : Xing Liu (Wojtek Bajda, clarinette préparée, Moog) – Berlin : Wojtek Bajda Grown up in Przemysl/PL, attended to music school with classical direction. Graduated in Germanny and Switzerland, [MMH/HKB/HKS]. His Classical base gave him the need for searching in the area of Noise-Conterporary Music. Nowadays he lives and works in Berlin as free experimental […]

Egotrip #24 : Umami Live Swiss Minitour Jan. 2016

6 janvier 2016

Minitour in Switzerland & France with Xing Liu (Wojtek Bajda, clarinette préparée, Moog) Michiyasu Furutani (danse, voix) Martwa Natura (Martyna Solecka & Sascha Stadlmeier, machines + voix) Tokar (Krzysztof Tokarski, Saxophone) Amand L. (Machines) Kevin Angoly (Performance) 6.1 : le LAC, La Chaux-de-Fonds   8.1 : Lausanne – Renens Egotrip #24 Lausanne/CH by Umami Live […]

Egotrip #16 : UmamiLive Poland Tour 2015

1 décembre 2015

Umami Live Tour in Poland with Xing Liu (Poland/Berlin) Kasehito Seki (Tokyo/Berlin) Margaret Unknown (Vienna) Marti Guillem (Spain/Berlin) Python vs Cobra (Copenhagen/Nancy/Berlin) 1.12 / Day 1 : Wroclaw, Galeria Na Czystej Egotrip#16 at Galeria na Czystej by Umami Live 2.12 / Day 2 : Wroclaw, Utopia CRk Egotrip#16 at Utopia/ CRK by Umami Live 3.12 / […]

Letzter Tag in Berlin

22 juillet 2015

Acoustic sound impro with Julie Gatto & Vincent Lajus 21.7 At The GreenHouse with Julie Gatto GreenHouse 7th Floor by Julie Gatto / Nora Neko / Vincent Lajus   22.7 At the Köln Airport with Julie Gatto & Vincent Lajus Köln Airport Smoking Area by Julie Gatto / Nora Neko / Vincent Lajus

Recital For One Fox, One Drunk And One Snail

20 juillet 2015

By Ching Liu, Julie Gatto (Julie Paul), Nora Neko Recorded in Berln on July 2015 Part I : The Fox Part II : The Drunk Part III : The Snail

July 2015 Berlin minitour

16 juillet 2015

Berlin tour with Ching Liu, Julie Paul, Vincent Lajus, Antti Virtaranta… 16.7 @ Stasi : Mothersnoise With Ching Liu, Vincent Lajus, Antti Virtaranta 17.7 – 20h @ Spektrum : Performance night #7 22h30 : with Mathilde Domecq, Ching Liu, Julie Paul 17.7 – 22h30 @ LabettoLab : The real 48 hours 22h30 : with Claire Côté & Julie […]


16 juillet 2015

With Ching Liu & Julie Paul   emphasis by Nora Neko / Julie Gatto/ Ching Liu


9 juillet 2015

With Ching Liu & Agathe Paysant, recorded @ Asile 404, Marseille, July 2015 panromantic by Nora Neko/ Agathe Paysant/ Ching Liu

NC – Illusion Of Freethought

27 mai 2015

Video for a impro-techno spinned of NC impro sessions in Berlin