Short videos 2010-2015

Supershort videos

Bonjour, 2015

Song by Souen Kays

Loupe, 2016 (silent)

Un chien comme un autre, 2014

Shot in Izmir, Turkey, where stray dogs are just everywhere

Videos for the Cappuccino Long Street Film Festival

2011-2013 – Marseille

Akurum, 2013

With Marine Debilly-Cerisier

À l’abri des regards indiscrets, 2012

With Lena Mika

With Rémy, Lena…

La fonction crée l’organe, 2012

With Meriem El Baj, Manuel Maria Perrone, Romuald Wurtzel

À l’article de la mort, 2011

With Ludovic Rousset (edition topic : The end of the World)

Adieu Linda, 2011

Small note for sensitive eyes : this short story about absurd destructive cannibalistic desires relies on an archetypal representation of genres. However this animation has no intent to justify any inequality or mistreatment towards any group of real people.

Voice : Lucie Picciccelli, Romuald Wurtzel

Lips & Pipes, 2011

Voice : Sanae El Baj, with : Lucie Picciccelli, Romuald Wurtzel

Cargo mini, 2011

With Sanae Elbaj