(the one I love to work with)

Places in Marseille


Historic place of music and underground art, concerts, residencies venue


Historic place of experimental music, concerts venue


Art center, concerts, residencies, exhibitions & art shows venue

Les Têtes de l’Art

Knowlege-sharing organisation and cultural projects, mainly based on audiovisual

Asile 404 (Legacy)

Small art center

Projects with 404

Collectives & projects

Collectif de contre-déterminisme magique (Marseille)

Improvisation collective. Founded by Peter Hart


Weekly Radio broadcast dedicated to alternative musics. Managed by Damien Morel

DSF Crew

Sets and interior design for movies, shows, stores… Electronic and interactive objects.

DSF Crew instagram

Projects with DSF

Enfin Seule Festival (Legacy)

One-man band summer festival 2016-2022

Freeing (our bodies)

Poetry & graphic arts review, founded by Yohann Sarrat

Merversible (Sète)

Performances and shows, cultural projects, founded by Maude Val

Mutantisme (France)

Poetry and art movement. Founded by Mathias Richard.

Nowica 9 (Poland)

Music house in a forest village.

Umami (France – Germany)

Music & art collective, founded by Wojtek Bajda


Poetry and graphic arts review, founded by Luna Beretta

Voogt (Marseille, Legacy)

Pan-artistic duo, founded by Madely Schott and Phabrice Petitdemange


Anaïs Poulet

Dancer, performer

Projects with Anaïs Poulet

AnneSo Lacombe

Drawer, painter, tatoo artist

Christophe Siebert

Author, performer, musician (Clermont)

Coronal Mass Ejection

Musician (Mars)

Barby Lu

Author, Sculptor, musician (Mars)

Projects with Barby Lu

Éric Dode (Apacitron)

Digital artist, musician, performer (Mars)

Hilal Can

Painter, musician (Istanbul)

Projects with Hilal Can

Kevin Diesel

Musician (Strasbourg)

Klara Gai

Drawer, performer (Mars)

Projects with Klara Gai

Luna Beretta

Author, musician (Saint-Étienne)

Madely Schott

Performer, Sculptor, graphic artist, musician

Projects with Madely Schott

Manu Morvan

Scupltor, drawer, performer, musician (Drôme)

Projects with Manu Morvan

Marie Takahashi

Musician (Berlin)

Marine Debilly-Cerisier

Dancer, performer, author, musician (Mars)

Projects with Marine Debilly Cerisier

Marti Guillem

Scupltor, digital artist, performer, musician (Barcelona)

Projects with Martí Guillem

Mathias Richard

Author, performer, musician, drawer (Mars)

Projects with Mathias Richard

Mauricio Amarante

Musician (Mars)

Michiyasu Furutani

Dancer, performer (Berlin)

Mireille Camus

Painter (La Rochelle)



Patrick Lombe

Musician (Mars)

Penelope Gkika

Musician (Berlin)

Peter Hart

Author, performer (Mars)

Raie Uhr

Musician (Mars)

Phabrice Petitdemange

Musician, performer, sculptor, drawer (Mars)

Sami Maison

Musician (Mars)

Teresa Reimann

Musician, author (Berlin)

Tout est cassé

Sculptor, musician, performer, graphic artist (Drôme)

Projects with Tout est Cassé

Tyfen Guilloux

Musician, author, graphic artist, performer (Mars)

Projects with Tyfen

Victor Plantey

Author, performer (Mars)

Wojtek Bajda (Xing)

Musician, performer (Drôme)