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Residency @ L’Embobineuse, Marseille, coproduced by Asile 404

We had 10 days in L’Embobineuse, to build up a totem resulting of the findings in the street. Metal, machines, elements of furniture… and to inhabit it with several characters and events.

With Agathe Paysant, Andrea Hernandez, Manu Morvan, Mathias Richard, Maria Vin Flingue, Klara Gai, Marine Debilly-Crerisier, Antoine Herran, Nora Neko, Axel Weber, Phabrice Petitdemange, Tout est Cassé…

Some of the music was recorded :

Outdoor version (2016)

Assembled and dissassembled on La Plaine, in one afternoon with available street trash, a TV and a small sound system. With Tout est Cassé, Emy Chauveau…