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Zone Négative @ Soma #1

10 days and nights of residency in SOMA with Tyfen Guilloux

Following stage pictures by Arina Sidorova, Muriel Bolle, MaxRiz, Anna Borrel



In front of a real-time video (on Nightshot mode) alternating between two cameras, two individuals draw lines on their body, undressing to discover some new surfaces. The sound is a slow beat synchronised with the automatic switch between cameras, in addition with a light-sensor instrument pointed to the screen, changing pitch at every cut.

Eve Morse

Two individuals are sat at a table. Each of them has a plate with an apple, a syringe, a cooking knife, a hammer. The game progresses by destroying the apple with the tools. To mark the end of each action, a sample button is pressed, recording and playing in a loop the additions of all actions, from subtle syringe sounds to hammer hits.

Eve Morse


Two individuals are communicating through a wandering piezo mike, rubbed on the skin, hair and inside the mouth.



A slow-motion video shows two persons naked, slapping each other. In front of the screen, the same persons are facing each other around a big drumskin. Everytime the skin is hit, the video accelerates and triggers more slaps, like a video game. The sound is a mix between the drum and the slapping noise at various speeds.

Antichocs (video image by Elsa Pennaccio)


Two individuals are at the each end of a rope. Behind them, two sonar instruments play a pitch depending on their distance to the back wall. When they start to pull the rope, they attract each other, changing the pitch of each sound, creating harmonics and dissonances.

Tendre (embed is not permitted) : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D90tDBrlsHw


Photo exhibition and animated objects




Closing night Liveset with Oddinmotion – Camera : Barby Lu