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  • How Fed Up We Are

    How Fed Up We Are by Nora Neko Malcolm X speaks in 1962, after a confrontation with the LAPD outside a mosque, causing the death of a Nation of Islam member. From the series : The Lost Tapes: Malcolm X, Smithonian databank Transcript In order for you and meTo devise some kind of method or…

  • Iwao

    Interior design and scenography for a Ramen Bar in Marseille. 12 distinct areas including Bars, Izakayas, Karaoke box… With Antoine Fatoux, Cécile Espinasse, Cécile Valadier, Clément Toumit, Cyril Anthony, Elsa Montlahuc, Jean Lenormand, Mathieu Gernez, Pauline Cheutin, Rémy Galas, Soko Abe

  • Tsundoku Toulon

    Spatial and furniture design for the Toulon Mangastore With : Antoine Fatoux, Clément Toumit, Cécile Valadier, Elsa Montlahuc, Mélodie Duchesne