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Reimorphes : Zone Négative Residence @ Soma

Several projects on one month with Tyfen Guilloux

Spark performance (sep. 21)

New performance exploring body and sound communication through Water, metal, electricity…

(Almost) full performance video

Image : Arina Sidorova

Full performance Soundtrack


Agents incomplets Exhibition (sep. 13-19)

Sound and visual installation and objects.

Antichocs Installation

Interactive installation based on the Antichocs performance presented in Soma in 2022

Guest projects

Mathias Richard (sep. 16)

Minimal French New-Wave Songs

Noctis (sep. 10)

Dance and music performance by Marine Debilly-Cerisier, joined by Mauricio Amarante, Thierry Gianarelli, Loïc Le Goff and myself

Quel Enfer ! (sep. 7)

Experimental ambient with Tyfen Guilloux & Lucie Schneider

Anna Gaiotti & Jean-Luc Gionnet (sep. 3)

Tapdance and saxophone performance

Raie Uhr (sep. 3)

Live & mix mixed up : https://soundcloud.com/raieuhr

Teresa Reimann (sep. 1)

Drums and voice solo

Dé/charge (sep. 1)

Dance performance with Chloé Saffores, Antoine, Ed Williams

Grand Sommet au Summum (aug. 25)

Collective concert : 20mn sessions on a specified topic with :

  • Agnès Zenimo
  • Cédric de la Croix
  • Jonny Mehnez
  • Sami Maison
  • Loïc Le Goff
  • Mathieu Sylvestre
  • Phabrice Petitdemange
  • Mauricio Amarante
  • Peter Hart
  • Victor Plantey
  • …and myself