• How Fed Up We Are

    How Fed Up We Are

    How Fed Up We Are by Nora Neko Malcolm X speaks in 1962, after a confrontation with the LAPD outside a mosque, causing the death of a Nation of Islam member. From the series : The Lost Tapes: Malcolm X, Smithonian databank Transcript In order for you and meTo devise some kind of method or…

  • Iwao


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    Interior design and scenography for a Ramen Bar in Marseille. 12 distinct areas including Bars, Izakayas, Karaoke box… With Antoine Fatoux, Cécile Espinasse, Cécile Valadier, Clément Toumit, Cyril Anthony, Elsa Montlahuc, Jean Lenormand, Mathieu Gernez, Pauline Cheutin, Rémy Galas, Soko Abe

  • Tsundoku Toulon

    Tsundoku Toulon


    Spatial and furniture design for the Toulon Mangastore With : Antoine Fatoux, Clément Toumit, Cécile Valadier, Elsa Montlahuc, Mélodie Duchesne

  • 2024 Stills

    2024 Stills

  • Photo 2023

    Photo 2023

  • Zone Négative : Spark

    Zone Négative : Spark

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    Sound and body performance by Zone Négative : concrete floor, metal objects and wires, Arduinos, Bodynoise hack, water, lights… Performed @ Soma in sep. 2023

  • Reimorphes : Zone Négative Residence @ Soma

    Reimorphes : Zone Négative Residence @ Soma

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    Several projects on one month with Tyfen Guilloux Spark performance (sep. 21) New performance exploring body and sound communication through Water, metal, electricity… (Almost) full performance video Full performance Soundtrack Spark – Soma 2023 by Zone Négative Teaser Agents incomplets Exhibition (sep. 13-19) Sound and visual installation and objects. Antichocs Installation Interactive installation based on…

  • Motion 2023

    Motion 2023

    2024 November October September August June May February January

  • Time Wave

    Time Wave

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    Glass ball, linear actuator, aluminum bar, Arduino board, wood… Presented in SOMA in sept. 2023

  • Glass Wave

    Glass Wave

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    Sound object with glass balls, glass floor, wood, adruino board and linear actuator. Presented in SOMA, Marseille, for the exhibition Agents Incomplets (Incomplete Agents)

  • Agents Incomplets

    Agents Incomplets

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    Exhibition with Tyfen Guilloux during the Reimorpes Residency Videos

  • Noctis



    Marine Debilly-Cerisier et Thierry Giannarelli (danse), Mauricio Amarante (musique), Nora Neko (musique, lumière dirty mapping), Loïc Le Goff (dormeur) Between an dream and a dream, an infinite loop in which sound and motion aternates and almost still organisms are almost forgotten

  • Portraits


    Mostly non-human, mostly alive

  • Free Fall For All !

    Free Fall For All !

    Klesmerish technoïd duo with Xing (Wojtek Bajda) Free Fall For All ! by Xing, Nora Neko

  • IAAR : M∆ & agrégats

    IAAR : M∆ & agrégats


    8-musicians orchestra following a graphic score. Live in Art-Cade – Galerie Bains Douches, Marseille on June 29 2023 Composed, written and conducted by Victor Huguenin With : Sound M∆ & agrégats de IAAR Score

  • Idiotic Rotative Objects #2

    Idiotic Rotative Objects #2

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    Series of simple mechanisms with motors. See Here for 2017 Series Presented @ la Fabulerie, Marseille on June 28, 2023

  • La nuit excite

    La nuit excite


    Song made with generative Lyrics from the Semes Flipper program 12.44 (another song album) by Nora Neko Lyrics (French) Amer,le monde opèredans la merde. Les rats poussent comme des cons,Les chats désespérés ne sont pas toujours des chats…Tout le monde excite tout le monde,Les banalités font chier dans ta tête. Le cheval embrasse le nous…

  • Une séparation

    Une séparation

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    Music video… As the song is a list of all the ways to feel torn apart, I was searching for a simple animation to make, and then I watched this perfectly timed scene in my own street… HQ Music on bandcamp : 12.44 (another song album) by Nora Neko Lyrics Un craquementUn déboitementUn découplageUne dérivation…

  • Frustration Mantra

    Frustration Mantra


    Song based on repetitive lines that I sometimes use with myslef to get more patient towards life disappointments or delayed expectations. 12.44 (another song album) by Nora Neko Lyrics (French) La satisfaction c’est la mort,La frustration c’est la vie. La plénitude c’est la mort,La frustration c’est la vie.La fusion c’est la mort.La frustration c’est la…

  • 2 nights in Berlin

    2 nights in Berlin

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    Lives with Marie Takahashi

  • Bleu Plomb (Lead Blue)

    Bleu Plomb (Lead Blue)

    Impro Session (on Monotron + Taishigoto + Looper) with Mathias Richard (Voice + Harmonica), Phabrice Petitdemange (Harp), Pippo Crumb (Electric Guitar) Bleu Plomb by Nora Neko, Mathias Richard, Phabrice Petitdemange… Recorded @ Zoun Hotel Record, Marseille, May 2023

  • Reverse Engineering @ Supersonique

    Reverse Engineering @ Supersonique


    The Field recording piece Reverse Engineering, composed in 2023 has been selected for the Supersonique Festival on Sept 2nd, 2023 in Marseille. Reverse Engineering is a patchwork of transportation sounds : Boat, Bus plane engines… mixed with downpitched metal creaks. Reverse Engineering by Nora Neko More info about the festival : https://supersoniquefestival.wordpress.com/

  • « mireille » : Up Down Strange Charm

    « mireille » : Up Down Strange Charm


    Recorded @ Zoun Hotel Record, Marseille Up Down Strange Charm by Mireille

  • Wall painting for Tsundoku Bookstore

    Wall painting for Tsundoku Bookstore

    The Tsundoku Librarie is a large Manga Shop in Marseille. Large enough to host a reconstitution of a Tokyo street corner (and a dojo). The DSF Crew concieved a 2-step work (one side in 2022, the second in 2023) faithfully based on Mathieu Bablet‘s conceptual drawings. I had an end-wall to paint a few fast…

  • Neko Can @ Bova

    Neko Can @ Bova


    Live Duo Set recorded at Bova, Istanbul – Take the Aid Train (organised by Şevket Akıncı for Istanbul stray cats support) Live Neko / Can @ Bova by Hilal Can, Nora Neko

  • Beyoğlu 23

    Beyoğlu 23

    With Hilal Can, Vahdet Ertuğrul Boydak, Ezgi Suorun Recorded in Istanbul – Jan. 2023 Neko / Can / Boydak / Suorun – Beyoğlu 23 by Hilal Can, Nora Neko, Vahdet Ertuğrul Boydak, Ezgi Suorun

  • Katy Kan Website

    Katy Kan Website


    Website design and developpement for the paintings of Mireille Camus URL : https://katykan.com (fr) & https://katykan.com?lang=en (en)

  • Photo 2022

    Photo 2022

  • I’d love to be as classy when I’m dead

    I’d love to be as classy when I’m dead

    La Deviation, Marseille : two dead chicken in a box

  • Mesh @ V2

    Mesh @ V2

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    Sound-haptic quatuor project with Oddinmotion, Anaïs Poulet, Tyfen Guilloux Played @ Cabaret Nucléaire- Videodrome 2 Marseille